President David Van der Velde
Vice President Mark DeRosa
Treasurer Shawn Gillespie
Secretary Adam Guzman
Executive Committee Advisory Joe McDonald
Director Al Fielder
Director John Oneil
Director Tim Sullivan
Director Robert Kilgore
  • To act as the trusted servants of the WHRC and The Log Cabin. We do not govern.
  • To provide positive social exposure and a meeting place for 12-step programs and their interests.
  • To host 12-step meetings and related social activities within this environment.
  • To foster 12-step programs and the 12 traditions associated with these programs as a way of life.
  • To create a safe, nurturing environment for persons engaged in any 12-step program.
  • To share experience, strength and hope.
  • To abide by the “12 Concepts For World Service” as set forth in the service manual for Alcoholics Anonymous.