How do I find out about meetings at the WHRC and the Log Cabin?
A schedule of all of our meetings is available over here. There are also printed schedules available free of charge at the Center and the Cabin. All individual meetings are responsible for listing their groups with their affiliated 12-step group’s Central Office.

Why should we have our meeting at the WHRC or Log Cabin?
The West Hollywood Recovery Center and The Log Cabin offer a nice and well maintained meeting space, affordable rent, air conditioning (WHRC), validated garage parking – and we’re open 365 days a year. Hosting your meeting with us also helps us continue to offer a varied and full meeting schedule for the entire recovery community.

I’ve never been to a meeting before and/or have a court card to be signed. What do I need to do?
Check the schedule to find the meeting you’d like to attend, then just show up. Sometimes that can be a major accomplishment, but everyone here was new and nervous at some point themselves. The only requirement for membership in AA, for example, is a desire to stop drinking. Other 12 step groups have similar membership requirements – all you need is a desire to change. If you have a court card to be signed bring it with you. Some of our larger meetings will give you specific instructions during the meeting for it to be signed. If they don’t, just put it in the basket when it is passed. It’ll be signed and you can pick it up at the end of the meeting.

Do you have meeting rules?
Yes, the WHRC and Log Cabin Conduct Code is posted just inside our both of our front doors, as well as in both WHRC meeting rooms. The most important thing to tell you is that drugs, alcohol and weapons of any kind are not allowed. While individual meeting formats are designed at the discretion of each group, all groups are required to turn in weekly attendance and maintain a current list of trusted servants and their contact info.

Can I bring my dog to the meeting?
Yes, but should you or your dog be deemed disruptive by the meeting secretary in any way, you and your dog will be asked to leave.

What kinds of meetings are allowed?
Any officially recognized 12-step group may hold meetings at the WHRC and The Log Cabin. If you’re curious about a group that is not 12 step relate please ask. Email us with a brief description of your meeting needs.

How do I start a meeting or move my meeting to the WHRC or The Log Cabin?
Email, text or call us and give us a brief description of your meeting needs including the day of the week and the time(s) you’re most interested in.

How much is the rent for meetings at the WHRC?
Meeting rents at the West Hollywood Recovery Center and The Log Cabin are based upon the size of the room, time of day and attendance. New meetings will negotiate a start-up rent with the manager and updated rent assessments take place on a quarterly basis.

How many people do your meeting rooms hold?
While The Log Cabin is quite large, we are awaiting the official capacity number from the City of West Hollywood now that they are owners of the building. There are 2 rooms for meetings at the WHRC. The large meeting room has a maximum capacity of 116, and the small room has a maximum capacity of 43.

Where should I park when I come to the WHRC?
Street parking is available throughout the neighborhood, but be aware meters in West Hollywood typically run until midnight. We also offer 2 hours of validated parking at the West Hollywood Library Garage. You can get more info about that here.

How can I volunteer to help out with the WHRC?
For volunteer opportunities, just email or phone us and let us know how you would like to help.

Who runs the WHRC the Log Cabin?
Both are now served by our Board of Directors, including an Executive Board, which consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The Board of Directors is in place to facilitate operations and is governed by a set of bylaws (which are available to the public upon request). The 12 Traditions of AA and The 12 Concepts of AA World Service are both incorporated into the bylaws.

Are there employees?
Yes, we currently employ one half-time office manager, Philo Hagen, who acts as liaison between all meeting secretaries, attendees and the Board of Directors. Remaining support, including board members, consists entirely of volunteers for which we are extremely grateful.

How do I make a donation?
Your contribution can be made at anytime via our permanent mailing address: WHRC, P.O.Box 691425. West Hollywood, CA 90048, or you can donate online click here